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Birth On A Full Moon.

B I R T H S T O R Y.

It's been a while, I've been taking some time to manage my life, yield positive vibes and keep up on my mental health. It's been amazing; during my break, I joined the motherhood club and it has been the most empowering and enlightening thing I've ever done. My birth photos have been circling social media, (see Kate Carlton Photography on Facebook) so I wanted to share my amazing birth story.

Our daughter made it earth side, in water and en-caul; some say, she was born in with a veil. This is a very special and rare type of birth. Many cultures believe that this is good luck and a blessing to baby. I'd seen a photo from a water birth a few weeks before at a birthing class and hoped I would be lucky enough to experience and en-caul birth and when I tell you God answers prayers, he gave me just that. I asked the heavens for a full moon birth and got that as well. I am so beyond grateful.

If you’ve known me for a while, you know I’ve always dreamed of having a natural water birth in my home. Even as a child, I'd always been amazed by the beauty of birth. I was always amazed at how a woman's body could change so drastically during pregnancy - creating, nourishing and nurturing life. I'd always taken this seriously, probably a little more seriously than my peers as my husband would say. I've always known the importance of choosing a loving, caring and supportive partner; among other things. I remember telling my girlfriends in middle school, how whenever I had a baby, I wanted my baby in water and they would come out swimming, we all laughed. I mean, those aren't the exact logistics of water birth, but you get the point. On Aug 15, the night of a full moon; that dream came true for me. I was able to let go of myself and give in to the instinctual drift of my body and roar my sweet daughter earth side with my carefully picked birth team. My super supportive and amazing husband, the sweetest doula ever and my midwife with her team.

Birth is such an amazing an empowering experience, if we don't interfere. I know this isn't the case for everyone, but for those who are able to just let their bodies do what they will without intervention as a lot of Western medicine has made us believe we need; I am grateful to have been able to experience an all natural, non-medicated, non-invasive birth. I am literally still in awe of my body and myself.  I cannot express enough how amazing our bodies are. We are so blessed & happy right now. This is our greatest adventure yet. So grateful my birth photographer was able to capture the beauty of this moment. I am forever blessed.

Did you have a birth story similar to mine? Share yours with me. Was it completely different? Do you have questions about home birth?

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