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Positioning People In Your Life

I've started to realize more so lately, that everyone is not going down the same path as you, be it friends, family, loved ones or just people you've grown fond of over time. Everyone is not meant to be on the same journey you take in life. Sometimes, we are so busy making excuses for people's behaviors that we overlook distinctive character flaws as someone just having an off moment. We have to remind ourselves that we deserve the same respect we exude. We make mistakes when we place temporary people in permanent positions. It can be difficult to decipher who deserves to be in which places. We take people places they should have never gone with us for far too long. I know I've been guilty of this many times and I wondered why things weren't going my way, it was because I had the wrong people placed in positions they didn't deserve. People don't support you like you'd think they would when you are heading in different directions than them. They don't reach out as much, they start to dwindle, they start to become busier than they ever were when you knew them. I've been trying to plan out how things will be once we relocate and which people will still be in my life and which people I am okay with letting go, and the decisions are difficult. We want so much for the ones we've become close to, to follow us and support us in our dreams and goals but I've realized that this isn't always what is best for our lives. More often times than not the people who we want to be there for us are never there the way we want for them to be or in some instances not there at all. When I questioned friends about starting my blog and my goals in the very near future, I was met with so much excitement and encouragement I was assured I had the confidence and the talent to excel. As, I got more into my blog that excitement and encouragement began to diminish. I didn't understand until I reached out to other women doing the same thing, and I did not truly understand until I read another one of these amazing women's blog post.  If you're going through this, you can find this blog post here:  Support From Friends - But seriously, I contemplated on whether my friends were truly my friends and analyzed if it had been me, what I would have done and then it hit me, everyone is not like me. I needed to be placing the people that were supportive of me in the positions I was placing the people I expected to be supportive of me. Sometimes, we are so busy making excuses for why people aren't doing what we want them to do instead of recognizing who they are and placing them in the correct position in your life, so you aren't disappointed.

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  • Destiny

    Loved this. Having this issue currently in life and I think it’s so crazy that I keep running across this message. It’s been like 4 or so days, MAX, and I just keep seeing the same thing. I even wrote a post on this topic. So, it’s clear that I need to start structuring people accordingly and cutting ties with others. <3

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