You’re Fired!

I had never been fired from a job before, I never thought I would be. I was always the most dependable, efficient, hard-working person in any position I had. I have work ethic and I am a team player; but in August 2016, on the 23rd to be exact, I was fired. I was fired from a job, I was a little frustrated with but enjoyed nonetheless, I mean my bills were getting paid. I was able to save a little and enjoy the pleasantries of life as well. My fiance had gotten in a motorcycle accident the previous week and I asked for some time off to help him get well; my former manager promised everything was fine and to take as much time as I needed. Boy, was I wrong? When I returned to work, I felt an extremely shady chill (you know when your spidey senses start tingling) over me and my vibes are normally dead on; I knew something was up. They told me, I could go home early to make sure my fiance was okay because they had all the help they needed that day and to just return the next day. The next day, I returned and knew something wasn't right still. When I got back to work on Tuesday, my manager informed me that it was no longer working out. I was furious. One, I lived about 20 miles from where I worked and I'd just wasted unnecessary gas. Two, someone could have told me something on Monday instead of having me come back an additional day. Three, the explanation I was given was complete and utter bullshit, but I just let it go and left the rest up to my good friend karma. I would find another job soon, I told myself. I relentlessly applied job after job, went to interview after interview and nothing; for three months,nothing. I tried everything. My fiance tried everything. He surprised me with a puppy, then another puppy (I'm being completely serious, we have two puppies, I will share the do's/dont's on this in another blog). He surprised me with a trip to see my best friend. I partied with my other best friend, spent time with my mother, traveled to one of my favorite cities; even tried to drink away my sorrows but nothing. Nothing could shake the fact, that when I woke up I still was just sitting at home training two puppies not to pee on the carpet. I was still furious, I couldn't figure out why I deserved to be fired. I started thinking of all the things I could've possibly done wrong. I stayed away from that side of town so I wouldn't run into anyone and then I realized, it is time for me to do what makes me happy in life. It just dawned on me, I needed to write that blog I'd been talking about for years. I needed to get the healthy body I wanted back. I needed to do all the things that bring happiness in my life and forget everything else. I'd been dwelling on this life changing event in my life and looking at it completely wrong; it wasn't the worst thing that could have happened to me as I thought, but the best. It was a challenge. I had gotten comfortable. I had almost forgotten that I wanted more out of life. I decided to start my blog. Bought a domain. Created a title that would standout but still represent me. I wanted to make a change I wanted to take advantage of this free time that I had before getting another job. I wanted to stop having a job and finally start on my career. I stopped looking at my situation as a negative and realized it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I was twenty-five years old, I had all the freedom in the world to do whatever I wanted. Now, here I am with a job I can transfer to our next duty station, making more money; getting closer to what I really want to do in life. Everything that looks negative isn't always. I'm currently learning to see all the good even in negative situations. There can always be something good in any situation. Stay positive.

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